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Efficient International
of Health Care

GOOL INDUSTRY LIMITED is an efficient international professional manufacturer of health care and beauty care products with financial department in Singapore and Hongkong, manufacturing base both in China and Thailand. Our main product range covers: 650nm LLLT Laser Hair Regrowth, PDT Led Light Therapy Machine for skin rejuvenation, 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal machine and also picosecond laser beauty machine.

Due to the serious situation of widespread of coronavirus worldwide, GOOL INDUSTRY LIMITED has established and developed our own product range for anti coronavirus: N95 disposable face mask for high effeciency virus filtration and also medical surgical face mask with production capacity of daily 300000-500000pcs. And also product of disinfectant water maker which can produce disinfectant water for sterilization at home or office.

GOOL INDUSTRY PTE LIMITED owns a group of fashionable and experienced product designer from South Korea, which can design new and fashionable health care and beauty care products. Before designing for one new item, team of GOOL INDUSTRY will make plenty market research to ensure that our design can meet customers' requirement and can integrate user's need. At present, all of our products are patented products which is unique in the Market.

Salon & Personal Beauty Equipment
International Manufacturer

As one of the high grade globe supplier of beauty equipment for salon use and personal daily usage, and als as to meet customers' requirement, GOOL INDUSTRY LIMITED has been keep updating our manufacturing facility every year. At the same time, we have selected more than 100 high quality raw material suppliers worldwide for long term cooperation and also all of the materials must meet SGS, CE & RoHS approval. Effectively avoid the occurence of false material, wrong material, inferior material and other issues, as to enhance production efficiency and ensure product quality.

At present, our below listed product of professional beauty equipment and also personal beauty equipment has won the good repuation and fame in the international market.

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  • p01 icon LLLT Laser Hair Growth
  • p01 icon 808nm Laser Hair Removal
  • p01 icon Picosecond Laser Beauty Machine
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Dream of Beauty

Products of GOOL INDUSTRY LIMITED provide the comprehensive solution for hair regrowth, hair follicle inflammation diminishing, blood circulation, Skin rejuvenation, calcium supplement, wound healing, photodynmic treatment&and also permanent hair removal for whole body.

If you are distributor of beauty equipment, GOOL INDUSTRY LIMITED can provide competitive and patented products for skin care, hair care and also hair removal.

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We Control The Production

Unique Design

A group of experienced and energetic design engineer of GOOL INDUSTRY LIMITED from South Korea provide fashinable and also trendy design for our product of beauty care, such as foldable LLLT laser hair growth, PDT Led light therapy machine. This can ensure the uniqueness of our product in the market.

Pefect Quality

In company of GOOL INDUSTRY LIMITED, each product of beauty equipment must be perfect in apprerance, packing and also packing. A group of senior quality checking engieer is employed in GOOL INDUSTRY to be sure that everything must be strictly quality checking from raw material, production and also the packing process.

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Service As Perfect
As Quality

Professional Team

The international sales team of GOOL INDUSTRY PTE LIMITED is with good english learning and educated background, which is very professional in the field of germicidal uv lamp, disinfectant water maker, laser hair growth, laser hair removal and also PDT LED Light therapy machine. Also, our team is with customer-center purpose, and has won the trust of the our worldwide partners.

Customer Centre

Sales team of GOOL INDUSTRY LIMITED is belived that customer is centre. Besides this, pre-sales service team and after sales service team are also professional, focused, and also attentive. We are professional in English can can provide timely, direct and caring business services to worldwide business partners. Also we have signed cooperation agreement with number of logistics companies and express delivery companies, which can ensure the units ordered can be delivered soon all over the world.

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